Saturday, August 15, 2009

The BLUE PAW CREW goes to the Zoo

The following is a story of the Blue Paw Crew and their trip to the zoo.

The Blue Paw Crew are Walker, a curious little boy, POE, his protective puppy, and their neighbors Rider, a little girl who loves to explore on her bike, and her smart dog ROE.

Wearing Lil Paw Pack
By: Blue Paw Nation

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"Hi Walker!" Rider and her dog, ROE cycle over to meet the little boy next door, Walker, who is playing with his dog POE in their front yard. "We are on our way to the zoo. Do you want to come with us?" WOOF! WOOF! Can you bark happily like ROE the dog? ROE barks happily. Walker jumps at the invitation, "Sure! And so the Crew skipped off on their adventure... Can you skip like the Blue Paw Crew?

On the way to the zoo, Walker told his friends of his Mothers great advice, "My Mom said that we all have to stay really close at the zoo so we don't lose each other. It gets really crowded!" The crew agreed. While walking around the zoo, the crew saw many different animals doing many awesome things. The craziest thing they saw was a penguin dancing with a big, furry, white polar bear! Dance like the penguin and polar bear! The polar bear was so big, and the penguin, was so small! "How on this beautiful earth did you two meet?" Walker asked. The polar bear started the story of how he met his friend the penguin.

Lil Paw Pack with Lil Paw Puppies
"We both lost our way back in the Arctic. We decided to help each other find our friends, when we saw some nice humans who helped us here to the zoo. We have been the best of friends ever since!" "What is that thing around your waist?" the penguin asked Rider. She responded, "This is my Lil Paw Pack. It holds all my favorite stuff to help me on our adventures! Look, I have a walkie talkie connected to my Mom and Dad, I have my favorite action figure, and my favorite red crayon. Most important I have a card with my parents phone number just in case I lose my way." Pause and discuss what each child would carry with them in their Lil Paw Pack. I have a great idea Walker shouted. Let's give the penguin and polar bear our Lil Paw Packs so you can carry your families phone number! You can use it when you go back to the Arctic, so you will never get lost again!" The penguin and the polar bear strapped on their packs and danced with appreciation. Dance like the penguin and polar bear!

"Wow! Thank you for sharing! Staying together will be easy now!" said the polar bear. "Do you know what won't be easy?" asked the penguin. "What?" said the crew. "Teaching the polar bear to stop stepping on my feet during our dance lesson!" joked the penguin. The crew had a laugh and went home, safely together. Laugh like the Blue Paw Crew!

** THE END **

A story for you and your child, happily brought to you by: Blue Paw Nation promoting Earth friendly, dog friendly and family friendly products.

Stay tuned for more of the Blue Paw Crew adventure stories!

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