Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why Do Dogs Sniff Each Others Butts? A Navajo "Tail"

On a recent trip to a Navajo reservation in Sedona, Arizona Navajo Nation member Jimmy "Smoke" shared this story with me...Enjoy!

Long ago, Dog and Coyote held a counsel each year.  All important canine topics were discussed at this annual meeting.  Each animal would make the trip to the land where counsel was held, and one by one they waited on the long line to enter through one singular door.  At one important counsel it was decided to give each member their own door to prevent such long lines.  Both Dog and Coyote were happy.

At the next counsel Dog and Coyote entered each door, but before entering Dog removed its tail and hung it outside their door for two good reasons:
1.  To remember which door belongs to which Dog
2.  To sit confortably during the long counsel
As a joke, Dog nailed Coyotes door shut, preventing him from entering the meeting.  Coyote sat and thought of a way to get back at Dog for his trick.  So, Coyote went door to door switching the tails on all of Dog's doors.  When counsel was finished Dog exited, and immediatly put on the tail that hung on their door.  Dog sensed something was wrong right away.  Dog sniffed and sniffed and quickly realized the tail hung on their door was not his own!  And so, Coyote sat and laughed, watching Dog go from rear end to rear end sniffing furiously to find their lost tail!
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